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Hello everyone, before I begin, let me shortly introduce myself. I’m Heuson, a casual collector mainly focusing on vintage Pokemon cards. I like to meet friends by exchanging/selling Pokemon cards as I did when I was a kid.

I have begun collecting Pokemon cards since I was a kid. In this website, I hope to share my collection of vintage Pokemon cards with you. In my site you can see a variety of Pokemon cards collection in pictures and videos. I hope I am the first one to show my collection in a website. Check out my shadowless charizard collection (past collection already):

The history of Pokemon cards
The history of Pokemon cards – shadowless charizard

Wizards of the Coast, the printer of Pokemon cards

Let me share my experience of storing Pokemon cards when I was a child. When I was young, in around 90s to 00s, Pokemon (also known as Pokémon) have just become popular in Japan.  Pokemon cards are printed by Wizards of the Coast . Wizards of the Coast also prints Magic cards (developed earlier than Pokemon). The quality of the Pokemon cards published by Wizards of the Coast are all good, in thick paper and nice holos. The pattern on the holo was beautiful, with small bright stars.

Red, blue and green version of Nintendo of Japan

At that time, the red, blue, and green version of Pokemon’s first-generation game was also popular and playable in Japan’s Nintendo Game Boy Color. The kanto starters of the first generation are Charmander (representing the red version), Squirtle (representing the blue version) and Bulbasaur (representing the green version). We will represent the main character Ash Ketchum leading one of the three kanto starters above to start the adventure.  This is why now Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur cards are all precious Pokemon cards.

Charmander evolves into Charmeleon, and then the huge Charizard, which are all fire in type.


Charmander -> Charmeleon -> Charizard

Squirtle evolves into Wartortle, and then evolves into the Blastoise, which is of water type.


Squirtle -> Wartortle -> Blastoise

Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur, and then evolved into Venusaur, which belongs to grass type.


Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur -> Venusaur

8 Gym leaders and the Elite Four

In the game, you will encounter the 8 Pokemon Gym Leaders in the subsequent adventure, and you will need to defeat them to advance to another level. The owners of the eight gyms are respectively Brock (Rock type), Misty (Water type), Lt. Surge (Electric type), Erika (Grass type), Koga (Poison type), Sabrina (Psychic type), Blaine (fire type), Giovanni (ground type) also known as the Rocket’s boss.

Gym leader

8 Gym leaders

In the game, because there are weaknesses and resistance of types over types, for instance, such as fire is weak to water, grass is weak to fire, and water is weak to grass, Pokemon must be captured in the wild other than the kanto starters. Or otherwise you will not be able to defeat Gary Oak, your rival throughout the game, who holds a starter pokemon which is resistant to your starter pokemon.

After playing over the 8 gym leaders, you will face the Elite Four and Gary to win the game. However, even after winning, the Pokemon in the game can be leveled up to 100, and you can battle against your friends or transfer the Pokemon you have caught to your friends, which is very funny and socializing.

We appreciate the history of pokemon while it is now in the 21st century, and Game Boy Color has been changed many times. Now, almost no one is playing the history versions of red, blue and green version of Pokemon. 

Back then I was a child, I walk to the stationery shops near my home regularly to buy packs of Pokemon cards. At that time, it seemed to be about HK$20 per pack only. I was then excited about the chance to win the holo card, because there is a certain probability that there will be a flash card in a pack of Pokemon cards ( Holo) instead of rare non-holo cards, and other cards are Common or Uncommon. Now those vintage Pokemon Cards are just crazy, as you will see the history of Pokemon Card that the versions have been evolving from base set, jungle, fossil… and finally to neo series in the Wizards of the Coast.

Pokemon card battle

After the holo pokemon cards were drawn, I usually show off with friends and can exchange with them for better deals. Some people like to use Pokemon cards to battle against others in the competitions held at that time in real life. Some of the rewards are very handsome.  As for the rule the Pokemon card game play, I will not go into details. I recall it’s taking price cards to win when a Pokemon card is defeated.

At that time, the most HP were Charizard and Chansey, both with 120HP, but with the release of more generations of Pokemon, the 120HP Charizard has retired, because as far as I know, there are now more than 300HP pets.

However, the base set Charizard 120HP card is still the core of many vintage Pokemon card collectors’ loves.

Collection value of vintage Pokemon cards

As many people will appreciate the history of Pokemon Cards as they were young, and that time, shadowless / 1st edition shadowless was more difficult to obtain, so now I really want to grasp the lost opportunity to collect the earliest and rarest shadowless / 1st edition shadowless as my highest value collection.

PSA, BGS and CGC grading

In the past few years, the value of Pokemon cards has been increasing. Now, different American grading companies such as PSA, BGS, CGC, etc. will assign a grade for the card (generally from Grade 1 – 10) and then seal the card with a slab. After slabbing, the paper quality of the card is more difficult to deteriorate or be damage. And so I usually get a card worth collecting and then send it to the United States for grading.

Personally I prefer grading the cards to offer maximum protection which even can withstand moderate drops / pressure. However, you can also apply toploader and soft sleeves to the card to offer temporary protection. Click here to see what kind of Pokemon card protectors I use currently and recommend.

I hope you will enjoy some of my most valuable Pokemon cards that I have shared with you on this website and my Youtube Channel. You can also communicate and share with me at any time

Take a look at my most precious collection:

First Edition Blastoise


Nidoking 1st edition

Shadowless Charizard

First Edition Venusaur shadowless

First edition of Chansey


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